5 Bad Napping Habits Your Baby Could Pick Up

Did you know your baby can form habits at lightning speed?

It's true, even if he can't walk or talk yet, he can develop a deep-rooted habit very, very quickly. This is why, after only a few days of rocking him to sleep, your baby will expect to be rocked. And that's why many babies quickly come to need a pacifier to calm themselves down, even if they've only been using it for a week or two.

As parents, we all want our babies to take long, restful naps. Unfortunately, many of us inadvertently give our babies bad nap habits (rocking them, giving them a pacifier, using the swing, etc.) that can be hard to break.

As parents, we sometimes need to help our babies fall asleep when they are sick or teething . It's understandable, and if our babies develop an association with sleep in this way, it's not because we did anything wrong. It's important not to feel bad if this happens: newborn babies often need to be "parented" to sleep. So don't worry if your baby develops bad sleeping habits : it's completely normal!

It's important to be on the lookout for your baby's poor sleeping habits. For what ? Because poor sleep can lead to all kinds of problems in the future. But don't worry, bad sleep habits can be corrected if you spot them in time.

So what are some bad sleep habits to watch out for? And how can you fix them? Let's take a look.

So here are 5 bad nap habits your baby might pick up

The siesta in the swing.

As a mom, I know it's easy to get into bad naptime habits. One of the easiest bad habits to form is napping in the swing set . My kids have always been good at napping in the swing set, and while I didn't usually put them there to sleep at night (it's not always safe), I put them there for naps s they had a hard time calming down.

If it allowed them long, restorative naps (and gave me time to rest!), my two boys got used to needing the swing for naps, and I eventually had to work to break up this habit.

The nap on you.

Napping with mom can be a comforting habit for your baby, but it can also be exhausting. If your baby always needs to lie in your arms for naps, or climb into the carrier at nap time, it could become a habit .

There's nothing wrong with your baby snuggling up to you at nap time, of course (just like there's nothing wrong with rocking him or nursing him to sleep ), but it can end up being a lot of work for you to help your baby sleep.

I had a friend whose baby wouldn't nap unless she was in her mother's arms. My friend told me it was good at first (she loved it during the birth period), but after a few months she was hoping her son would learn to nap on his own!

The siesta on the way

If you're a busy parent with older kids who rush you from activity to activity, your baby may start taking naps while on the go (in the car, in the stroller, etc.) . First, your baby may come to depend on the movement of the car or stroller to fall asleep.

Also, naps on the move aren't as restorative as naps on a flat, still surface (like the crib), which means that if your baby regularly takes naps on the move , your child's sleep deficit will increase rapidly. and he will risk being too tired.

The nap without a schedule.

As your baby grows, you may begin to notice certain patterns in their sleep. Most babies are ready for daytime naps by 6 months. This doesn't mean your baby has to stick to a strict schedule, but you should have time slots for when he's likely to sleep.

However, if your older baby still doesn't have a set nap schedule and takes irregular naps at random times of the day, he's likely not getting enough sleep.

All those irregular naps could be disrupting his nocturnal sleep. It is therefore preferable to establish a daytime program to help him eat and take his naps at predictable times.

Too many naps.

Do you find that your baby takes too many naps during the day ? If so, you are not alone. Many parents face this situation, where their baby sleeps for long periods of time during the day, but wakes up frequently at night. This may be especially true during the time of birth; a baby who confuses his days with his nights will sleep too much during the day and not enough at night.

But it's also true for older babies, a baby who never gets enough sleep at night may take long naps during the day, which leads to less sleep at night, which leads to longer naps during the day. .. You know what I mean.

Napping habits, good or bad, are an important part of a baby's sleep schedule and, if left unchecked, can quickly become problematic. Babies who take too many or too few naps can disrupt their own sleep patterns and lead to problems such as excessive fatigue and disturbed nighttime sleep. It is therefore important for parents to be aware of the different types of nap habits their baby may develop and to take adequate measures if necessary.

What do you think is your baby's ideal nap habit?

Let us know in the comments!

I hope you enjoyed this article. Feel free to share your experiences with us in the comments.

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