Essentials for traveling with a young child

There are the resolutely adventurous parents, who embark on a 3-day hike, bag on their back, as soon as they leave the maternity ward. There are the cautious parents, who first go around the neighborhood, then gradually widen their perimeter. There are also the exhausted parents delighted to leave Loulou one night at her grandmother's, the courageous parents who take their whole tribe on vacation, the eco-friendly parents who will join the family by train for Christmas.

But everyone, without exception, asks themselves this question before the big departure: what should you bring when traveling with a baby?

Do not miss anything without being overloaded

The whole dilemma lies there. New parents want to be sure to have all the necessary equipment for maximum comfort with baby, but they are also limited by space constraints. In descending order, here are the modes of transport that allow you to carry the most belongings:

  • the car (large or with a roof box) or motorhome;
  • the car (small);
  • the ferry type boat;
  • the train and the plane, with variations according to the ticket and the class;
  • the bus ;
  • bicycle and motorbike.

Even by choosing the most luxurious transport, the authorized volume of luggage is quickly reached by counting a stroller, a travel cot and a stock of diapers or clothes. As you travel with baby, you'll quickly learn what's essential and what's not. In the meantime, the following advice will allow you to prepare your first suitcases effectively.

The stroller, to move quickly and take a nap

Reaching a terminal quickly, allowing your baby to rest for a walk, supporting the weight of a few things: the stroller is almost essential when traveling with a young child. Whether you stay one, three or ten days there, you will appreciate not having to constantly carry baby in your arms.

Like the Yoyo stroller , compact and easy to fold, the ideal travel stroller knows how to be discreet. It should be able to handle mixed terrain, unless you're sure you're only using it on tarmac.

Everything you need to feed your baby: bottles, breast pumps, bottled water, etc.

When a baby is hungry, it is imperative, especially before 6 months. New parents quickly realize the importance of keeping bottles and other accessories close at hand.

If baby is breastfed, a breast pump can be useful in the car to build up a reserve of milk to give him along the way to help him fall asleep without taking a break. If baby drinks formula milk, make sure you have enough powder and drinking water for the time of the journey, and even for the time of the stay in the case of specific milk (anti-reflux, anti-colic, etc.).

Sufficient and seasonal clothing

Although baby does not need to be covered excessively in transport, he will need at least a change of clothes if the journey takes more than an hour. Even in summer, remember to bring a blanket, a sleeping bag or a vest because planes and trains are sometimes very air-conditioned. The ideal is to have available several thicknesses of clothing that can be combined, so that you can dress baby in all weathers.

At your place of residence, you may have the opportunity to make machines. Otherwise, take a tube of detergent and wash the clothes as you go by hand. Since they are small in size, it won't take you much time and you won't have to carry too many things.

Doudou, pacifier and some toys

Even if baby is only two or three months old, he will enjoy seeing familiar toys and hearing stories he knows read. Of course, when on the move, it is important to always have the child's cuddly toy and pacifier, if necessary. You can write your phone number on a label there, in case you lose one or the other.

In the car, think of the compilation of nursery rhymes, very effective in distracting baby and helping him to fall asleep.

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