10 original ways to announce the arrival of a baby

Congratulations, you are pregnant! Whether it's your first, second or even seventh pregnancy, the excitement and the urge to shout it from the rooftops is always the same.

Instead of using the traditional wording “I'm pregnant” or the ultrasound and pregnancy test photograph, why not use other creative ways to tell your family about your pregnancy. Discover the 10 original and simple concepts to put in place to announce the arrival of a baby .

The scratch card

To announce the baby's birth to your family and friends, nothing better than to surprise with a scratch card. It's up to you to choose the right words to announce it your way. We give you some examples of expressions often used depending on the person:

  • We are going to be parents;
  • You are going to be a dad;
  • You are going to be grandma or grandpa;
  • You are going to be auntie;
  • You are going to be a big brother or a big sister;
  • Etc.

Family tree

The family tree is the best way to represent a family. If you like to play and want to surprise your loved ones with a baby birth, use the family tree. The principle of this game is to create a simple family tree and add a family member from your couple. Let others guess the great news.

This method allows you to recall the memories of all generations of your family, but you can also keep the family tree for as long as you want.

The family shoes

Preparing for childbirth is not an easy task for parents.

Indeed, they must make a birth list so as not to forget anything, especially if it is their first baby.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of baby birth essentials: prepare the baby's room, materials for care and bathing, clothes, shoes and stockings, choice of baby bed, changing table, baby monitor, baby monitor...

Why not use the materials you have purchased to announce the baby's arrival to family and friends. It's simple, but cute. Just take a picture of the baby's shoes with those of his mom and dad. The surprise will be there.

pregnancy magazines

You can also use women's magazines for the announcement of the baby's birth. With this method, you take a photo with your other half reading any pregnancy and baby magazine. Don't forget to put clues (pacifiers, bottles, strollers and other materials to prepare for the baby's arrival) in the house and make sure they are taken in the photo.

As soon as you have the picture, just send it by email or by post with the birth announcement for the baby shower friends and family. You will surprise your loved ones for sure.

A movie poster

Are you a cinephile? Why not announce the baby's birth in the form of a movie poster? Not an original idea! However, you need to have some photo editing skills otherwise you can also seek help from professionals. The idea is to take a photo and put expressions like “soon on your screens, baby's arrival”.

You can also put the expected delivery date as the release date of the film. An original way to announce the arrival of the baby and an ideal decorative item for the baby's room.

The jigsaw

Almost everyone loves puzzles, an educational game that develops the intelligence of young children. Announcing the arrival of the baby can also be done with a puzzle, especially if the person has a weakness for the puzzle.

Grandma will be happy to keep it as a souvenir. The principle of this game is simple, you put all the pieces in a box and make sure that the news is not known until the pieces are in place in the correct order. The player absolutely does not expect this exceptional surprise.

Brothers and sisters

If your family is already formed by other children, use the future big brother or the future big sister to announce the good news. Involving your children in the announcement of the baby's arrival is a simple, but very touching way. The scenario is easy to set up. You have several choices:

  • Let the child hold a card or sign with the good news written on it
  • The child wears clothes with the inscriptions
  • The child announces the pregnancy in a video
  • Etc.

This emotional moment will be etched forever in the memory of the people to whom you announce the news.

Clothing with a message

Announcing baby's arrival with message clothing is easy to set up and always works. If you're not a fan of riddles, why not customize an item of clothing with the good news written on it. You have the choice between the different expressions on the arrival of the child, the baby photos...

Then you wear the habit when meeting with the family. To play on the surprise effect, keep the message out of sight and reveal it only at the desired and appropriate time.

The table plan

If you have a rather greedy family, the idea seems to be the most ideal to announce the arrival of baby to your better half and your children. While you prepare the table to eat, put an extra place setting as if you were expecting a guest. Your loved ones will be curious to know who owns the other cover and this is where you tell them the good news.

Also, if you want to make it more obvious, opt for very small cutlery suitable for a baby. The surprise will be there. It's up to you to stage something unforgettable.

French cookies

We always stay on the theme of gluttony. If you want to break the news in a sweet way, nothing better than a box of cookies . However, these are not ordinary cookies, but personalized cookies with the message that reveals the baby's upcoming birth. The surprise effect is guaranteed and the taste buds are delighted.

Offer a cookie to each of your loved ones with the good news above. Others may not read the message before eating, but as soon as one person notices the message, the rest will notice. A little suspense never hurts.

I hope this article has given you some ideas. Feel free to share yours with us in the comments.

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