The Benefits of Shared Child Care for Parents and Children

Shared custody is an increasingly popular option for parents looking to balance work and family life. It makes it possible to share the responsibility of childcare with another family, by alternating the places of care. This formula has many advantages for parents and children, such as socialization, flexibility and financial savings. In this article, we'll explore the benefits of shared custody and give you tips for finding a compatible custody partner.

The difficulties of finding a childcare solution

Finding a childcare solution can be difficult for many parents, particularly because of the lack of places available in the home of childminders (MAM) or in a municipal crèche. Waiting lists can be long, and places are often limited, which can lead to significant delays in obtaining a place. In addition, childcare schedules may not correspond to parents' working hours, which may force them to seek alternative childcare. Finally, childcare costs can be high, which can be a drag on many families. Faced with these difficulties, shared childcare can be a practical and economical solution for parents looking for a childcare solution adapted to their needs.

The Benefits of Shared Child Care for Parents and Children

Shared child care has many benefits for parents and children. Here are some of the main benefits:

With this type of childcare, children spend part of their time at home, which allows them to feel safer and more comfortable. They have their bearings, their toys and their familiar surroundings, which is easier and more relaxing for them. This can be especially beneficial for young children who need some stability to develop with confidence.


Shared custody offers children the opportunity to socialize with other children their age. They can play together, get to know each other and make friends, which is important for their social and emotional development. Shared custody can also help break the social isolation that some parents may face due to their busy schedules.


Shared custody offers parents great flexibility in terms of time and place of custody. Parents can work later or earlier without having to worry about child care because they can rely on the other family to take care of them. Shared custody can also be adapted to changing schedules, which is particularly useful for parents who work part-time or have irregular hours.

Financial savings

Shared custody provides significant savings compared to individual custody because the costs are shared between the two families. Parents can also save on transportation costs because they don't have to transport their children from place to place. Also, shared custody can save on full-time childcare costs, which can be prohibitive.

How do I find a compatible family for childcare?

Finding a compatible custodial partner can seem long and difficult, but with a little preparation and patience, it's totally possible. Here are some tips for finding a compatible daycare partner:

Determine your care needs

Before looking for a custodial partner, determine your custodial needs. What is your schedule? How often do you need shared custody? How much can you afford to spend on joint custody? The answers to these questions will help you find a custodial partner that meets your needs.​

Talk to other parents

Talk to other parents in your neighborhood or community to see if they know of any families interested in joint custody. Parenting groups on social media can also be a good resource for finding a compatible childcare partner.

Get to know potential parents

Once you've identified potential parents for shared custody, set up a get-to-know-you meeting. Discuss your childcare expectations, schedules and rates, and get to know the kids. It is important to find parents who share your educational values ​​and who have a lifestyle similar to yours.

Set up a shared custody agreement

Once you've found a compatible custody partner, set up a written shared custody agreement. This agreement should include childcare details, such as times, childcare locations, fees, and each family's responsibilities. It is important to discuss all the details before starting shared custody to avoid misunderstandings and conflicts. What are the supports for shared custody at home?

If you opt for shared care at home, be aware that this care solution is compatible with the Complement of free choice of Childcare (CMG) , financial aid from the PAJE. This aid aims to help parents cover the cost of looking after their children under the age of 6. The amount of this aid is based on the child's income and age, with a monthly ceiling of €827.87 for children under 3 and €413.94 for children aged 3 to 6. . However, the parents will have to bear a minimum of 15% of the total cost of childcare. It is important to note that to benefit from this assistance within the framework of shared custody, the child must be cared for alternately with the two families.

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