Baby and dog: the risks and precautions to take for a good understanding

You've decided to adopt a dog, but you don't know how to get your baby to accept it . There are many benefits to owning a dog especially for your baby.

Indeed, caring for an animal can have a positive impact on your child's entire life, teaching him important values. However, certain precautions should be considered for the good of your baby and your whole family.

So what can we do so that this little doggie and your baby can live together in harmony?

What are the benefits of a dog for a child?

The benefit of the presence of a dog in your family and especially with children is no longer to be proven.

First of all, a dog in a house is a great solution to help your child become responsible and social from an early age. Although other people may not know how to deal with the dog-baby relationship, research has shown that a child raised with a dog develops fewer pet hair allergies .

The presence of a pet in a home therefore contributes to the development of a child during his life:

  • Participate in the psychomotor development of the child
  • Allow rapid exploration of the environment of the young child
  • Participate in the awakening of the baby
  • Provide psychological support
  • Stabilize children's emotions and soothe anxieties
  • Avoid hyperactivity and aggression problems
  • Encourage psycho-affective maturation

Considered a true confidant for a child, a dog can be of great help in the education of your child. In addition, its adoption allows you to build your child's immune system , which is essential to protect babies from certain infections. Although there are downsides, these risks should not encourage you to give up.

Just make sure your relationship with your pooch doesn't change, even after a baby arrives.

What are the risks of having a dog and a baby live together?

It would be a lie to say that a dog poses no danger to the baby. The behavior of the dog with the baby can be at risk, especially if your child is not old enough to understand how to behave towards the animal.

The real danger is undoubtedly the bite which can have serious consequences. Even a well educated and trained dog can be dangerous for a baby, because you do not know how the animal will behave in front of your future child.

It is for this reason that it is essential to leave nothing to chance concerning the future relationship between a baby and a dog . You need to know how to handle a dog and a baby at the same time.

How to make a dog accept a baby?

To succeed in the cohabitation between dog and infant , it is advisable to train the dog in advance. For this, various precautions must be taken into consideration.

Preparing your dog for the arrival of a baby

In general, a disciplined dog presents no danger to a baby. However, keep in mind that a dog is still an animal. And even an extremely well-behaved dog can behave unpredictably.

Indeed, the arrival of a baby can make a dog jealous and even feel rejected in front of the newcomer. To avoid this situation, you must show him around the baby's room as well as his future belongings. Make it clear to your pet that it's not just him, and that you will also have to give time to your child.

Before baby is born

To make a baby and a dog live together , it is preferable to prepare the dog in advance, that is to say before the birth of the baby. For this, you should not let him rest in the baby's room. Therefore, please close the door so that he does not enter the room. Pay less attention to your pooch so as not to disturb him when the child arrives. Be the one to start games so the dog doesn't get pushy.

You can also enlist the help of a canine behaviorist expert consultant to ensure a healthy relationship between the child and the dog.

Arrival of the baby at home

To ensure a good relationship between dog and infant during the first meeting, do not try to create an event. If you act firmly, the dog will have a hard time accepting your baby. Best is to let them know themselves. Please pet your pet gently after pampering your newborn to get the dog used to the baby's scent .

You also have to make it part of your relationship. Don't let the parent and child relationship get in the way of the master and dog relationship. For example, during your stroller rides, you can also walk the dog.

It is strongly advised not to leave the dog and the baby alone. Everyone must have their territory. Do not hesitate to spoil your dog if he remains calm in the presence of the baby. Give him treats or kibble to keep him quiet. The main thing is to give your dog attention, and he will be calm and benevolent towards the child. On a daily basis, for the relationship between dog and child to be perfect, it is necessary to have the right behaviors. Make your baby understand that the dog is not a toy, but a living being.

How to introduce a dog to a child?

To introduce a dog to a child, there are a few tips to follow. First, have the child move closer to the dog, then let the dog walk the rest of the way. This will make it easier for them to meet. When the dog is close enough, tell the child to show his clenched fist to the puppy for him to sniff. Once your dog is relaxed, ask the child to gently stroke his head and neck which are the insensitive parts.

A few rules to follow to properly educate your little one:

  • Teach young children not to disturb the dog when he eats
  • Explain to him not to touch sensitive areas such as his ears, eyes, feet, belly or tail
  • Never let your child wake the dog when he is sleeping
  • Teach your child not to run after the dog

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