Can you teach your baby to sleep with noise?

There are many misconceptions that, from day one, parents should teach their infants to sleep through noise. Friends and family members blame them (parents) for their children's short naps and late-night awakenings, saying that they (parents) just need to teach baby to sleep with noise . This is what we often hear from our customers. Because then the baby wouldn't wake up so much!

If only it had been that easy. 😉

How does noise affect babies' sleep?

Your baby will spend a lot of time in deep sleep during the newborn period and will likely sleep just about anywhere. For us parents, it's great, because it's much easier to move around with our babies! But that will change as your baby grows.

You will find that your baby becomes more alert from around 6 weeks ; he will begin to look around and notice his surroundings more. This may mean that he is starting to wake up to sounds (like the barking of the dog or the ringing of the phone) because he is becoming more aware of his surroundings.

Your baby's sleep patterns will change continuously for about 4 months, and they will continue to transition from light to deep sleep. He will be more likely to wake up to noise during certain periods of light sleep.

Can babies be taught to sleep with noise?

Here are the facts (from our customer feedback, at least): you can't teach a child to sleep in noise. Some babies are probably less affected by noise when they get used to it, while others are more likely to wake up to even minimal noises. Although you can take steps to help reduce the impact of noise on your baby's sleep, you can't teach him to sleep with noise.

We don't have solid evidence to back up our belief (in fact, it hasn't been studied enough yet), but we're pretty sure it's mostly down to character and temperament.

How to help your child sleep with noise?

You probably won't be able to build a "noise-free" environment for your baby. But, when things get a little hectic, what can you do to help your baby sleep well?

Using white noise to your advantage is a great choice. White noise is actually static noise that tends to mask other background noise (like the sound of a vacuum cleaner running or a hair dryer). White noise machines are fantastic instruments to use during naptime and at night (I have several in my house, one in each bedroom). In this article , I detail a bit more about how white noise can help you and your baby sleep better. You will become addicted to it, beware.

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Does your baby manage to sleep with noise or does every sound wake him up? Have you ever tried a white noise machine, or a white noise app? Share your experience with us !

I hope this article has answered some of your questions.

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