Co-Sleeping: Should your child sleep in your bed?

Co-sleeping (co-sleeping) is the practice in which the child sleeps in the bed of his parents. It's no surprise that this is one of the most debated and controversial topics in pediatric sleep.

Let's see why.

Some people claim that co-sleeping is the correct and natural way to raise a child because it promotes a stronger bond and more secure attachment.

Conversely, others will tell you that co-sleeping is risky, ridiculous, even dangerous , and that they don't want it for their family.

Which approach holds the truth?

First of all, it is important to understand that co-sleeping is not magic . Although some proponents of the family bed disagree, many couples have reported that their babies don't necessarily sleep deeper or longer because their parents are nearby.

In fact, some parents have found that their child slept longer and woke up less often when they stopped sleeping them together and moved them to their own crib.

However, whether families choose co-sleeping or whether their children sleep independently is a personal decision , and if both parent and child are safe, rested, and thriving, then co-sleeping is nothing to worry about .

If you decide to co-sleep, this commitment requires careful thought about what you and your spouse think is good for you as individuals, as a couple, and as a family.

Questions to ask yourself first!

☑️ Is it nice to think about enjoying the comfort of sleeping close to each other, or do either of us tend to stay active during sleep? sleep, which might disturb others?

☑️ Does everyone in our family want to co-sleep, or are we leaning towards this solution because one of us really cares about it?

☑️ Are we ready to commit to being quiet after our child has fallen asleep, or do we enjoy watching TV or talking in bed?

☑️ Will we be happy to be able to feed our baby more often during the night, or will having her near us make weaning from nighttime bottles more difficult?

☑️ Do we agree to go to bed at the same time as our child, in order to ensure his safety?

☑️ For working parents, does sleeping next to our child make us feel closer to him?

As you might expect, co-sleeping has both advantages and disadvantages.

The pros and cons

Benefits :

  • Constant proximity as soon as the child is awake. Many children and parents appreciate this feeling.
  • Immediate action and support for any sleep-related issue.
  • The ability to breastfeed and respond to other nocturnal awakenings without getting up.
  • More time to spend with the child
  • Possibility of better sleep for the child and the parents, if the child slept badly at the start.


  • Parents can sleep poorly if their children have restless sleep.
  • Parents may end up sleeping apart and becoming angry with their child or each other.
  • The sleep cycles of children and adults do not coincide.
  • Parents may have to go to bed very early with their children and have little time for their own evening activities.
  • The parents have little privacy.
  • There may be a small increased risk for the infant of sudden infant death syndrome and related causes.

The decision to co-sleep should be yours, made by the parent, or parents, and based on your personal philosophy, not pressure from your child or anyone else.

The good or bad co-sleeping experience of another family should not influence your decision. Your child is unique and every family is different.

I hope this article has enlightened you on the subject. Feel free to share your experiences with us in the comments.

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