How to calm a baby's evening cry?

Are you new parents and you have no idea how to raise a baby? You start to wonder if you're doing it right. Don't worry, having a newborn can be very upsetting, especially when the infant cries endlessly .

A newborn needs to adapt to his new life. The only landmark he knows is life in his mother's womb. Even if the causes of a baby's evening cry are multiple ( find out here 11 reasons why a baby cries), you must understand what he is going through in order to be able to help him. Indeed, crying is the only way a baby has to express his feelings:

  • he may be hungry or thirsty
  • he is wet
  • he is hot
  • he is cold
  • he has colic
  • he feels alone
  • he demands attention
  • maybe he's sick...

There are several reasons for a baby's evening crying , it's up to the parents to decode his needs to better calm him.

How a newborn works

When you have a newborn baby, you start to lack sleep, because the baby's crying will wake you up in the middle of the night. Toddlers can't tell the difference between day and night. Their sleep frequencies will change as they grow. In this article we explain how to set up a good sleeping pattern for your baby.

A newborn can sleep up to 18 hours in 24 hours. From the first month to the third month, a baby's sleep lasts between 14 and 17 hours in 24 hours. It is especially in this age group that baby crying begins in the evening at bedtime . The baby can stay awake for 3 hours straight and usually in the evening.

A baby begins to sleep at night from the 3rd month, he can have a longer night's sleep. It is from the 6th month that you can begin to adapt your baby to a bedtime routine.

How to calm baby crying at night? This is the question of all parents of newborns. Rest assured with time it will pass, but in addition you will have learned to detect your baby's needs. Once you have decoded the causes of your toddler's crying, it will be easier for you to meet his needs.

Possible causes of baby crying

There are many causes of a baby's evening cry and when it starts to last, parents panic and eventually become anxious. Generally, a baby cries because he wants to send you a message. You must have heard that a crying baby is completely normal?

Did you just give him his bottle or did you just breastfeed him and yet he's still crying? He may be thirsty or just need to be changed. Sometimes, after checking all that, you still can't soothe the baby's crying at night.

What if he had colic? Indeed, colic is often the source of a newborn's evening crying. A colicky baby usually cries at the same time every day, for almost 3 hours or more. Parents must be attentive to the behavior of the baby to recognize colic. For example, you can check if the baby's belly is hard or if the baby is clenching his fists or has stiff legs. A little massage can relax the baby who is crying discharge.

This article might interest you: 5 tips to help babies sleep better when they have colic.

If you've checked your baby's temperature and he doesn't have a fever, you can calm down. Take him in your arms, be patient and filled with tenderness, because usually babies between 2 and 5 months old can cry for 3 hours every day.

What are the different solutions to baby crying?

Now that you know that infant crying is normal and contributes to its development, let's see the little tips that will help you manage these moments.

When you are sure that your baby is not hungry or thirsty and has just been changed, take him in your arms. To soothe the baby's crying at night , you can talk to him, just because he's very small doesn't mean he doesn't feel anything. You can sing him a lullaby or play him some soft music, but first of all, you need to be relaxed. You'd say that's a lot to ask for at the end of a day, but it's very important. A baby has a special bond with its parents, especially with its mother.

Talk to him as if he understands everything while you rock him in your arms and you will see that your baby will fall asleep gently.

A baby's evening cries can also come from the temperature, the ideal is to put him in a room where it is 20° C. During periods of great heat, you can take him for a short walk outside. 'outside.

If you see that your baby has no intention of sleeping, play with him. Try the rattle for example and change until you find the toy that fascinates him.

How to manage life with a newborn?

The arrival of a baby in a home can change the habits of a couple, we will note more stress with the evening crying . What you need to know is that a baby needs:

  • careful
  • of love and tenderness
  • to be listened to
  • to feel safe
  • to feel loved...

A baby is very sensitive, he can sense the tensions of his parents and that will also inflict stress on him. The new parents must get together to take care of their child. A baby bonds with the person who takes care of him the most. To avoid that only one of the parents can calm a crying baby, the 2 must take turns.

For the whole family to be well, you need a good organization. The mother and the father each have the duty to take care of the baby, but also the right to rest. As mentioned above, a baby's evening cry can last, the couple must be patient.

However, when you no longer know how to calm baby crying at night and you suspect something is wrong, make an appointment with the pediatrician.

Raising a child is a long journey that begins at birth. As a parent, it is essential to observe the behavior of the toddler, this is how you can understand his needs.

I hope this article has enlightened you on the subject. Feel free to share your experiences with us in the comments.

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