How to travel with baby: Our advice

The arrival of a baby often upsets the lives of parents and especially habits within the home. For parents who love to travel, the birth of a baby can be considered an obstacle for travel. However, it is totally possible to travel with your baby and enjoy the holidays at the same time. Discover in this article the best advice for going on a trip with your child.

Consider the baby's age

After childbirth, many changes happen in the family. During the first weeks, the parents get to know the baby and also to adapt to the new family life. Although the baby can travel within 7 days of birth , it is best to wait a few weeks so that the conditions are better and the whole family is already adapted to the various changes.

Indeed, by traveling with your baby, you can experience extraordinary moments with your entire family. You can introduce your child to smells, tastes and colors. These discoveries will promote the development of the child and his fulfillment, because they feed his thirst for discovery and his curiosity. By taking your baby on a trip, you can also create memories with him from an early age and keep them in a photo album.

Consider the destination

The destination is the first parameter to consider when you are going to travel with your baby. Indeed, destinations such as forest getaways or mountain climbing are still to be avoided during the baby's first years. To choose the location, consider:

  • From your experience: it is best to go to a place that is familiar to you in order to avoid unpleasant surprises.
  • The age of the child: for a young baby, it is best not to go too far, or at least go for a short time if the destination is far away.

To travel with your baby, consider starting with short trips . You should also remember to go to places with good medical infrastructure in case of an emergency for your baby.

Finally, to travel with the baby, avoid destinations:

  • at an altitude above 1500 m
  • in a climate that is too harsh, too humid, too cold or too hot
  • too far with a significant time difference
  • to major health risks
  • politically unstable

These places can pose a risk to your safety and that of your baby. So, it is better not to go there.

Organize the day well during the trip

Since babies do not have the same rhythms as adults in terms of sleep , this must be considered during the trip. Indeed, it happens that parents worry about their baby's sleep. When going on a trip with your child, try to keep the habits in the same order as what you have carried out on a daily basis. It is also worth keeping bedtime. In this way, the baby will have no disturbance.

As for the siesta, you do not have to deprive yourself of an afternoon outing during the stay or the trip. Indeed, babies have a great capacity for adaptation. They can nap in the stroller, transport, or baby carrier . When taking your baby on a trip, you need to be flexible and adapt to the child's pace.

In addition, to properly organize the trip with the baby, you must prepare your things well the day before. For this, remember to bring with you all the things your baby needs. To go on a trip, you can bring:

  • an umbrella bed
  • a baby car seat
  • a maternity bag containing your baby's personal effects and also his toys to entertain him on the way (discover our collection of bags here ).

You can also plan your stay in advance by planning time when the baby can have fun. Think, for example, of:

  • visit parks
  • go to places intended for children's games
  • visit zoos.

You can consider doubling the visit time so that you can take breaks to feed your child .

Choosing the right accommodation

Accommodation should be a key issue when traveling with the baby. It takes maximum comfort for you and your child so that your days and nights are better. To stay, you can choose:

  • an apartment in a hotel or with individuals such as Airbnb. By choosing this type of accommodation, you can move around freely and adapt to the baby's rhythm. In addition, you can also prepare the meal that suits your child and do their laundry.
  • full or half-full board at the hotel. These types of accommodation offer services for children or babies. This choice can be practical for a romantic outing for a few hours by entrusting your baby to professionals.

Some parents also choose to take a mobile home or motorhome to travel with their baby. This is very practical, because the vans are equipped with all the necessary equipment for cooking or sleeping, like at home, and are also less expensive.

Tips for flying with a baby

Most airlines accept babies from 7 days old. Before the age of 2, children can travel on their knees and benefit from a discount of almost 90% on their plane ticket. Thus, by choosing the plane, the trip can be faster without being very expensive. By choosing the plane, you can benefit from the following services:

  • warm the baby's potty or bottle
  • order a meal for the child
  • have a changing table in the toilets to change the baby

Some companies even offer cradles for long-haul flights. These cradles are intended for babies under 10 kg and under 70 cm. To benefit from this service, it must be reserved 48 hours before the flight, because the seats are special.

For a plane trip with the baby, it is necessary to arrive in advance at the airport, because with babies, there can be unforeseen events. In this way, you can board first with your child.

In order for the baby to sleep and be comfortable during air travel, prefer short flights or long non-stop flights. Due to the pressure, during takeoff and landing, give your child a drink or a pacifier. However, if the baby has a bad cold, avoid flying.

Finally, to travel with your baby, do not forget:

  • baby first aid kit
  • the baby's travel bag containing all his belongings ranging from spares to his little cuddly toys, not to mention his special travel care kit
  • his travel papers, in particular his passport if you are going outside Europe, an authorization to leave the territory and his vaccination record if necessary.

To travel with your baby, you must plan everything for his health and safety.

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